Application Tools

In this page, some information about our technical parts will be presented

Download the IDEF0 model (Visio)

Visio (Microsoft Office Visio) is a software which can be used for diagramming and vector graphics application.

Because the model of San Raffaele Hospital is confidential, we use a model of the general hospital to show how our method works. With the help of this Visio model, people can get a clear idea of the structure of the hospital and the patients flow. The Cplex model and the access matrix of this model can be downloaded in the following parts.

Because not all the people can access to Visio, we also put a PDF version of the IDEF0 model of a general hosptial.

Download the linear flow model (Cplex)

Cplex (IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio) is an optimization software package.

This Cplex model tries to minimize the traffic flow of the whole hospital over the whole horizon. This model is coded by the POL language. Our objective is not to show our programming skill but to present our method. Therefore, we use the general hospital as an example to show how our cplex model works. The reader can set their own ops documents and data documents. Therefore, we separate our .model part and .data part and the reader can change the data as they want more easily.

Download the Access matrix

The physical view of the IDEF0 model is composed of 4 diagrams of activities. The decomposition tree is of three levels and has 16 leaves which represent 16 sets of services/units. 37 direct accesses between sets of services/units have been modelled. The matrix ACC represents the internal accesses of the hospital. It will allows us to link the IDEF0 model to the linear flow model. This access matrix supports the IDEF0 model of a general hospital which can be downloaded above.

Download the information about SEGMENT

The goal of the SeGMENT game (Serious Game for Management of Emergency Network) is to improve the preparedness of health care system managers to face crisis situations such as bombing attacks, chemical attacks, biological attacks, etc. The game focuses on the logistic coordination of the actors involved in the emergency network. More information can be found in the following documents.